Premium Services for Air Ambulance in Bhubaneshwar at Your Doorstep!

Bhubaneshwar, the capital city of the state of Orissa, is well-known as a major medical hub of eastern India. It is home to many reputed hospitals, both government and private.

Flying Doctors Air Ambulance in Bhubaneswar is one of the most time-saving, intensive, and quick aviation ambulance service providers by private chartered aircraft, commercial airlines evacuation system, and airlines medical transfer facility, all of which are working to provide low-cost medical flights to the people of the city. Our services have proven to be a blessing to the people of Bhubaneshwar who require urgent medical repatriation with full-fledged amenities amid health crises.

We excel in providing patients with top-of-the-line facilities and therapeutic treatment in a timely manner. We use well-equipped ambulances, staffed by skilled paramedics, nurses, and highly professional physicians who keep a close check on the patients’ health throughout the journey. Expert curative staff, state-of-the-art amenities, experienced transporting crew, and attentive vehicle coordinators are all on board the Flying Doctors Air Ambulance in Bhubaneswar to ensure your care is in the best hands possible during the journey. Our crew’s main services include emergency road transportation, paediatric medical accompaniment, and stretcher arrangements for patients with critical illnesses.

The following characteristics distinguish Flying Doctors Air Ambulance Service:

  • Air Ambulance service for ICU patients at a cheap cost
  • Medical help that is genuine, authentic, and verifiable
  • Emergency air medical evacuation is guaranteed to be 99.99 percent reliable.
  • Service at a low cost
  • Serious patients are cared for by shifting scoop stretcher beds from bed to bed for emergency medical aid.


With sophisticated service, cost is also a critical aspect that cannot be overlooked at any time. As a result, keep this in mind when looking for a low-cost air ambulance service in Bhubaneshwar. Flying Doctors Air Ambulance offers a comprehensive range of services at a very reasonable price.