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Medanta the Medi City – Flying Doctors India an Air Ambulance Services

At Medanta we believe that all patients should have access to world-class care no matter where they live in India or Asia. To achieve this goal, we at Flying Doctors India, a dedicated team of specially trained doctors, paramedic’s pilots and support staff, to help evacuate patients. Flying Doctors India Air Ambulance is a top and special facility provider for air and Cargo services. Our emergency Air Medical Service are offering services for transferring patients from one place to another. We are Delhi-based Air Medical Transport service provider, our medical transport services can be obtained all across the country. Apart from providing Air Medical Charter services we also provide other health care conveniences as Medical Cargo Services. We are one of the few medical institutions in India to that provide tertiary medical care on board an aircraft even at an altitude of 45,000 feet. Medanta’s Flying Doctors work to eliminate geographic barriers to access Medanta’s super specialised medical expertise and are available round the clock.

World No 1 Facility We offer during Patients Transfer in Air Ambulance

Medanta provides “Flying Doctors” service in the surveillance of its best Doctors who are specially trained for such situations and this air medical transport facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art advanced cardiac support systems. We provide a dedicated trained staff along with the highly experienced Doctor and everyone in the crew is specially trained in Trauma and medical evacuations and ready to fly our air medical jet on a very short notice. We are prominent for the services & for the values that we are stick with to provide the best & fastest care for the patient.
We have our Air Ambulance Facilities available all the time and organized in such a way to take off any given moment in a short notice when required. We established our base for emergency air ambulance service in Delhi NCR & we offer our services to all the required zones of the country working 24×7 . As we understand the responsibilities of being in Medical services. Now Flying Doctors India Service has been listed in India’s top and progressive service workers of air ambulance Delhi only because of our excellent facilities and hi-tech medical equipment’s that successfully manage to carry a critical patient without a hassle & discomfort.

evacuation Evacuation from anywhere to any hospital

With its miscellaneous fleet of airplane, Medanta’s Air Ambulance is proficient of both national and international medical flights. It then originates as no wonder that we have done extra than 1,600 evacuations with over 150 global evacuations.

ailment-based Ailment-based speciality service

Based on an valuation of the patient’s illness a specialised team of doctors and nurses are transmitted. For each patient, a team of experts proper for the patient (e.g., cardiologists for patients grief from acute cardiac disasters) along with critical care and anaesthesia doctors are accessible to offer speciality based care even before the patient influences the hospital.

team_doc A special team of doctors and nurses on board
  • Perfusionist to handle IABP support
  • Medanta’s critical care specialist
  • Specialised doctor in-charge
  • Medanta’s emergency trauma physician
  • Anaesthesiologists

calibrated Well calibrated air-worthy equipment

Since Brand-new Ventilators to Intra-Aortic Inflatable Propels, all of our life-saving gear are of high excellence and standardized to the very greatest in the biosphere. Each of this kit is specifically customised to be used aboard at high elevations.

ground_com 24x7 On-Board to On-Ground Communication

The aboard health team is always in trace with the base medical team on the crushed through highly reliable announcement kit. This helps the crushed team to be equipped to obtain the easy-going and begin behavior proximately.

How we transfer patients from Bed to Bed


One call to get moving

We are just one call away when needed as our Flying Doctor service number picked by 24*7 .our Doctors on call assess the patient’s condition after evaluating the clinical report and knowing the health case history of the patient,..


Preparing for evacuation

Based on the assessment done by Doctor, an appropriate medical team equipped with the required equipments along with the efficient medical staff is dispatched to airlift the patient from any location (no matter how far or outskirt the location is) in the country.


Take off

As far as the service rapidness is concerned , receiving a call for an emergency to take off our air ambulance jets we have the lowest activation time approxly (80 minutes). We also get priority on runway for takeoff & landing & privileged for green corridor during an emergency.



We understand the chances of an emergency occurring situation in the flight. During the flights we are well equipped and capable of providing advanced critical care support & also conduct the emergency procedures if required. We are adhered to provide the safer & faster services to the patient.


Airport to hospital

Medanta runs the medical centre at Delhi Airport also and this is also a salient feature of the service that a patient would directly be shifted to the Medanta’s Medical premises from the exit door of the Aircraft.

Speak to our evacuation team +91 9810736503

What Aircraft do we use for Air Medical Transportation?

Medanta’s most efficient service “Flying Doctors India-An Air Medical Service” use the world class aircraft that are specifically designed for medical use. Together with a team of highly qualified technicians and experienced pilots the team enables quick and timely medical evacuation in air ambulance manner that is safer, faster & comfortable for the patients. If you are in requirement of a business that offers medical flights to or from anywhere in the globe, look no further than Emergency Air Ambulance Wide-reaching. We are a important, full-service mobile exhaustive care wage-earner that delivers world-class carriage services to those in requirement of medical consideration while traveling.

Pilatus PC-12

  • Propeller aircraft
  • Air speed of 270 nautical miles
  • 3 Aircrafts in fleet

It is used for dedicated medical evacuations because of:-

  • Long range -- can fly upto 2,500 kms, putting almost the whole of India under Flying Doctors wing span
  • cargo door -- for smooth patient transfer

BeachCraft C90

  • Propeller aircraft
  • Air speed of 270 nautical miles
  • 1 Aircraft in fleet

This aircraft is used for shorter distances with up to 2-3 hours of flying time (both ways)

KingAir B200

  • Propeller aircraft
  • Air speed of 270 nautical miles
  • 1 Aircraft in fleet

This aircraft is used for shorter distances with up to 2-3 hours of flying time (both ways)

Citation Excel Jet

  • Jet aircraft
  • Air speed between 450-500 nautical miles
  • 2 Aircrafts in fleet

This airplane is wildest of all the air crafts and is favorite for carriage of tissues to be relocated and other time-critical medical flights. It is a long range aircraft and can be used for worldwide flights.

Success stories at Medanta

Who to contact

For all queries and bookings

Dr. Sunil Dubey

Emergency and Trauma care at Medanta-The Medicity

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Get Benefit of Charter Air Ambulance service in India at Anytime

When you rely on Flying Doctors India for Air Ambulance with medical transport facilities or other concentrated care carriage, we can serve nearly any medical emergency for you or for your important one and struggle to make your expedition as easy as conceivable.
We do this by:

  • Offering multiple airplane for thoroughgoing cost proficiency and to meet the explicit supplies of our patients. Our possibilities include both harried and non-pressurized medical flights.
  • Dealing all logistics of the journey, creation it as level and stress-free as conceivable.
  • Working obstinately to realize any insurance attention compensation possible.
  • Employing widely trained medical supervise with a least of five years of ICU/CCU knowledge, as well as experienced pilots with at least 15 years of knowledge in the business.

Our Major City

  • Air Ambulance in Bangalore
  • Air Ambulance in Ahmadabad
  • Air Ambulance in Allahabad
  • Air Ambulance in Bhopal
  • Air Ambulance in Bhubaneswar
  • Air Ambulance in Bikaner
  • Air Ambulance in Bokaro
  • Air Ambulance in Chandigarh
  • Air Ambulance in Chennai
  • Air Ambulance in Coimbatore
  • Air Ambulance in Amritsar
  • Air Ambulance in Aurangabad
  • Air Ambulance in Bagdogra
  • Air Ambulance in Bhagalpur
  • Air Ambulance in Delhi
  • Air Ambulance in Hyderabad
  • Air Ambulance in Imphal
  • Air Ambulance in India
  • Air Ambulance in Indore
  • Air Ambulance in Jabalpur
  • Air Ambulance in Jaipur
  • Air Ambulance in Jammu
  • Air Ambulance in Jamshedpur
  • Air Ambulance in Dibrugarh
  • Air Ambulance in Dimapur
  • Air Ambulance in Gaya
  • Air Ambulance in Goa
  • Air Ambulance in Gorakhpur
  • Air Ambulance in Guwahati
  • Air Ambulance in Gwalior
  • Air Ambulance in Lucknow
  • Air Ambulance in Mumbai
  • Air Ambulance in Muzaffarpur
  • Air Ambulance in Nagpur
  • Air Ambulance in Patna
  • Air Ambulance in Kolkata
  • Air Ambulance in kanpur
  • Air Ambulance in Pune
  • Air Ambulance in Purnia
  • Air Ambulance in Raipur
  • Air Ambulance in Raigarh
  • Air Ambulance in Rajkot
  • Air Ambulance in Kharagpur
  • Air Ambulance in Khatmandu
  • Air Ambulance in Kochi
  • Air Ambulance in Srinagar
  • Air Ambulance in Surat
  • Air Ambulance in Udaipur
  • Air Ambulance in Varanasi
  • Air Ambulance in Vellore
  • Air Ambulance in Ranchi
  • Air Ambulance in Rewa
  • Air Ambulance in Shilong
  • Air Ambulance in Shimla
  • Air Ambulance in Silchar
  • Air Ambulance in Siliguri
  • Air Ambulance in Vijayawada
  • Air Ambulance in Visakhapatnam
  • Air Ambulance in Darbhanga
  • Air Ambulance in Jodhpur

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